Some people are born great in the world, some people attain greatness and greatness is imposed on some people. Purohatcha Gandhi’s self Babu Ramji Sahay received greatness through his accomplishments. 19 March is the unforgettable day in the history of Rudrapur, because on this day the great man who was born in 1904 AD, Rudrapur is glorious due to his works. Babu Ramji Sahay, freedom fighter, freedom fighter and founder of the only college of the region, is known as Malviya of Rudrapur area. In the terrible famine of 1904, Babu Ramji Sahay, the house of the suburb of the suburb, Shri Mahadev Prasad, was born. Babu Ramji Sahay, son of ordinary farmer like Shree Mahadev Prasad, devoted himself to his name and dedicated his whole life to education, freedom fight and people’s support. Babu Ramji Sahay was the beloved fighter of Mahatma Gandhi because of his active support in the fight for independence. On June 3, 1935, Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Sahay ji, from Wardha Ashram, to direct the movement against the British rule in Gorakhpur Circle. Mahatma Gandhi wrote his brother Ramji Sahay in his dozens of letters. In 1942, during the protest of the British government against the British government, the soldiers had beaten them by striking them with sticks.

During the 1932, 1941 and 1942 movement, they were tortured for seven years. After attaining independence Ramji Sahay became the first MLA of Rudrapur in the general elections of 1952. His whole life was dedicated to the health and education of the area. Sahay ji had no son. But they used to give sonly affection to sons and daughters of the area. For the first time in Rudrapur, he laid the foundations of the College of Inter College and College for awakening the education of Kacharanchal. For the development of education in the field, they donated all their movable and immovable property. On the decline of the rupee in the construction of the college, this Malaviya of Rudrapur sold the jewelery of his goddess Smt. Sumitra Devi and up to her revolver. His own thinking was that the poorer students of backward areas got higher education here. Ramji Sahay Post Graduate College is the real form of his dreams. On July 27, 1975 Sahay Ji left the world.

The Respected Founder started the teaching work by getting recognition of 9 disciplines at the graduation level in the arts faculty from the establishment of the college. After his death, the pace of development of the college was stopped. In 1992 again, Sahay’s family member Dr In the hands of Omprakash Shrivastav (Late), once again the management committee came to the rear, once again started walking on the path of college development, but under the rule of time cycle, The untimely demise of Om Prakash Ji was done in the year 1994 and after the establishment of Mr. Yashodanand Shrivastav, the same family, dreams started by Dr. Saab were started. In the same sequence, the construction of the upper floors of the entire building has been done by Yashodanand Shrivastav (Managing Director) in the income of the institution by removing dirt all around the main building and creating shops. For the graduate level students do not have to go to other places for postgraduate, PG Recognition and teaching started. To remain healthy at the mental level of the students, it is mandatory to remain healthy physically. For this, a gymnasium was also established in which the interested students regularly exercise and the construction of indoor sports is in progress, which is in full swing.

Due to the high number of girl students and the girl students who come from a distance, a women hostel has been constructed after seeing their difficulties.