Admission rules

Admission rules and qualifications:

  1. The admission application form can be obtained from the office by paying a prescribed fee. The class-wise end date for depositing it in the office will be kept on the notice board. Please keep in touch with the office.
  2. The subjects will be allocated according to the consolidations of the subjects prescribed by the college administration.
  3. The qualification for admission in BD section is as follows – Passed Intermediate or equivalent examination from Secondary Education Council, Allahabad.
  4. Candidates will be qualified for admission, whose qualifications are not more than two years gap between the payable examination year and the admission application year.
  5. According to the Government, admission of candidates who have received less than 40 percent marks in the Intermediate examination is not possible.
  6. Students admitted from other colleges or universities will not be able to enroll in BDAD two or three.
  7. Inadequate students will not be admitted in last year’s examination.
  8. The admissions will be done according to the rules of reservations prescribed by the Government.
  9. According to mandate, it has been compulsory to submit scholarship related documents, photocopies of the account number / passbook (in triplicate) also at the time of admission.

Admission Process

The number of subjects covered for admission in B A division is prescribed by the total secretary, Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. Any other than the fixed number
The situation will not be taken into account. All the process related to admission will be determined by the admissions committee. It will be broadcasted on the information board. Therefore, candidates desirous of admission are directed that after submitting their application, continue to observe the information board.
Essentially attach the following form with the admission application form (A) Transfer Certificate (TC) from the last educational institution (original copy)
(B) Character Certificate from the Last Education Institute (original copy)
(C) Photocopy of marks and certificates of High School and Intermediate
(D) Certified copy of caste certificate if the student / student belongs to Scheduled Castes or Backward Classes.

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