Welcome to Ramji Sahai PG College Rudrapur, Deoria, U.P.

Established in 1972. Affiliated with Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur ,Uttar Pradesh,India

Other Facilities

Other Facilities

National service Scheme:

In the college, three units of National Service Scheme are employed, its activities are conducted in the care of the duly selected (professor) program officers. Through this scheme, the students receive the services, labor cooperation, tolerance etc. Study and discipline Dear students / students are given admission only in the said units. Keep in mind that on the basis of certificates of BCS, surcharge is given for admission in BCID etc.

Rovers & Ragers:

One unit of Rovers and Razors is employed in the college, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Shrivastava has been appointed in charge of Rovers in order to facilitate its activities.


The college has a good library of books, in which adequate scholarship books and references are available. Each student is given two books together for thirty days. All the books must be deposited in advance before receiving the examination entrance letter. In the event of tearing or losing books or otherwise unreadable, the students will also have to pay the postal expenses for their in addition to their present value.

Reading room:

There is a spacious reading room in the college where students can sit in the reading holidays of all major newspapers along with various types of useful letter magazines but they have to submit their ‘identity card’ for this. In the event of a magazine burst or lost, the full value of the magazine will be deposited.


There is a gym equipped with high school equipment and a full time spokesperson (physical education) is working for the guidance of the students.

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